Hey there!

My name is Brianne Massie.

I'm an Edmonton based website and graphic designer that specializes in branding.  My education includes a 2 year diploma in Web Design and Development at NAIT and a multitude of computer science based courses at Grant MacEwan University. 

I've always had a calling for technology since I was little. Being the youngest of 3 siblings, my older brothers mentored my initial interest in technology with video games and teaching me how to use the computer. From there, I'd  spend hours experimenting with Windows Movie Maker and Paint... eventually leading to me building a website with the help of my older brother. (I think he was 10  years old at the time. Which would have made me about 7 years old). As you can imagine, the website did not amount to anything, but nevertheless it's a memory and the building blocks of who I am, today. 

Get to know a bit more about me

I love photography. Specifically shooting photos of animals and I'm hoping to make a separate business for this in the near future... There's just something so fun about capturing the true personality of our furry friends. 

I have a significant background in training dogs. I worked as a professional dog trainer for almost 8 years. I taught hundreds of private obedience lessons as well as trick classes. Best of all, I had the opportunity and pleasure of training service dogs for veterans and individuals who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Since watching The Home Edit on Netflix, you'll typically find me spending an entire afternoon re-organizing my pantry, fridge, closets, you name it! There's just something so satisfying about having a system and knowing exactly where to find your things. Not to mention it just makes your space feel so much better. 

My parents had me in French immersion from kindergarten to grade 12. I'm bilingual... but to be honest, I don't have the opportunity to use my second language often. A trip to France is definitely on my bucket list!